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Archive for July, 2011

Sugar Mill/Zuckerfabrik Asembagus During our visit to Asembagus only no. 10 was in use. No. 9 formerly no 11) was with a broken steam pipe to the cylinder cold in the shed. It will be repaired next week. 29th of July saw a morning and an afternoon train with steam while on the next day […]

Zhalai Nuer, Jixi

Zhalai Nuer has still 3 SY in use on the various lines to the deep mines, yards and power stations. (When I visited the last time in Jan 2010 they used 4, 2 in the open cast mine rebuilding the tracks and 2 on the lines, so obviously no changes on the surface lines since […]

Sugar Mill/Zuckerfabrik Merican A very bad year for the Mallets: the one and only commercially used Mallet was stored in the depot of Merican. Merican changed to trains which are up to 26 loaded wagons long – and this is too much for the Mallet as well as for the good old 0-4-2s. In a […]

Sugar Mill/Zuckerfabrik Pagottan Big changes in Pagottan! Last year they changed the colour of the locos, but for this season they dumped all tenders and converted the Luttermöllers no. 6, 7 (both inside frame) and no 8 (outside frame) to fireless locomotives. All three were in use. With one steam filling they can push four […]

Sugar Mill/Zuckerfabrik Rejosari No change in Rejosari. No. 7 was shunting, no. 6 and 10 spare. We chartered no. 10 “Salak” as usual. Luttermöller no. 11 was said to be in good technical shape and could be repaired – if there was a demand. Unfortunately  there is none … No changes expected for 2012. ***** […]

Sugar Mill/Zuckerfabrik Purwodadi Purwodadi only used no. 5 and 10 while no. 16 was under repair and no. 15 plus a derelict classmate were in the shed as usual. No. 5 and 10 were very active and took over some work from the former fleet of diesels as well: they hauled about half of the […]

Sugar Mill/Zuckerfabrik Soedhono The Soedhono mill was very active during our visit. They even used a shunting tractor for hauling loaded wagons from the loading point to the mill. In use was the only serviceable locomotive no. 3 beside three diesels. No. 6 was still in the shed under repair. It needs a new injector, […]

Steam in Indonesia on Cape Gauge/Indonesischer Dampf auf Kapspur On our tour we had three cape gauge events: in Ambarawa on the rack railway, C12 18 in Solo and a Schwartzkopff loco on the forestry line Cepu. Ambarawa is unchanged. Currently they have only tow passenger coaches for the trains. B25 02 and 03 are […]

Sugar Mill/Zuckerfabrik Tasik Madu Tasik Madu was not working due to technical problems. However, the farmers delivered the cane as usual and so two locomotives, no. V and the large no. VI did the work. No diesel was in use, the steam locos handled the empties and the loads. Only the loading point near the storage […]

Sugar Mill/Zuckerfabrik Sragi We found the operation pattern almost unchanged. Only the number of diesel locos uses seemed to be smaller. In 2012 they want to continue the current operation system. For empty trains they used locos no. 8, 17 and 20. For shunting they used no. 19 and for pushing the loaded wagons into […]

Sugar Mill/Zuckerfabrik Pangka Only one Jung 0-6-2 loco was working. In use were nos. 2, 9 and 10.  Although a new management is in power now, no changes planned for 2012. Nur eine der C1’ Jung  Lokomotiven war im Einsatz. Die Lokomotiven unter Dampf waren 2, 9 und 10. Trotzdem die Mühle ein neues Management […]

Yuanbaoshan and Pingzhuang June 2011

In late June, Dandan and I made a visit of a few days with two American friends who wanted to see a sample of the remaining steam in China. We had previously asked Mr.Li, the Chifeng based bus driver, to speak with the “management” at Yuanbaoshan to maximise steam useage during our visit. This worked […]