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In my trip repoort from March 2011 I published a list of freight wagons (http://www.farrail.com/seiten/tour-report/Wagons-for-museum-stock.pdf) which would be worth to preserve. The published list only showed the freight wagons – but not the also discussed luggage van. After some convincing work and phone calls to the general manager of the Eritrean Railways he agreed to rescue one […]

Viseu de Sus/Rumänien: Projekt „Hilfe für die Wassertalbahn“ offiziell abgeschlossen Der schweizerische Verein „Hilfe für die Wassertalbahn“ beschloss an der außerordentlichen Mitgliederversammlung vom 11.November 2012, seine Tätigkeit auf der Waldbahn Viseu de Sus offiziell zu beenden. Nach über zehn Jahren Engagement (der Verein wurde im Jahre 2000 gegründet) sind die ursprünglich gesetzten Ziele erreicht: Der […]

I received this from Michael Pass regarding steam in Thailand:   Hi everyone, following the complete rebuild of SRT 824 & 850 & subsequent steam testing & trial runs – it’s just been confirmed that next week’s steam special from Hua Lamphong station to Ayutthaya is definitely on – tickets 150 Baht & SRT hotline N° […]

No service between Ajing and Xinqiu any more. All passenger trains are cancelled. Nine SY in use plus one more for the other company with their decorated SY 1395. The rest is unchanged except that you need a permit for the stabling point now. Costs 300 RMB per person per day and includes a visit […]

Diaobingshan (formerly Tiefa) will continue to use two steam locomotives in the next two or three years. They even may add a third locomotive to the current roster. One steam loco is used for the passenger trains to Daqing while the other is for shunting. If they add a third one it’s also for shunting […]

Some changes in using steam in Sandaoling: There might be a locomotive among the coal train shuttles which is facing south-east tender first – i.e. coming uphill from the pit tender first. In addition, trains from Nanzhan to the deep mines are pushed now. They’re also using one of their diesels on this line. Otherwise […]

The new timetable of Wolsztyn indicates that there are no steam trains on Saturdays and Sundays any more. The timetable starts December 9th, 2012. Der neue Fahrplan von Wollstein sieht ab 9.12.2012 keine Dampfzüge an Wochenenden mehr vor.

Zusammen mit einem Freund war ich in den ersten beiden Oktober-Wochen 2012 noch einmal in China. Erste Station war Shibanxi. Zuerst wussten wir nicht, ob wir lachen oder weinen sollten, später haben wir die Situation eher als „Glück im Unglück“ angesehen … Dass die dampfbespannten Kohlezüge nicht mehr fahren, hatten wir  anhand der Berichte im […]

Malaxas in Romania

Andrej Hoffman reports from Romania: I send you report about the beautiful class 78: On Thursday 25th of October we saw one  four axle Malaxa in Sibiu (78.771), maybe it is used on the traditional shuttle between Turnu Rosu and Podu Olt (2482/2481, 2484/2483) – those shuttles were served with class 78 in the past […]