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Eritrea Railway

Durch heftige Regenfälle sind Abschnitte des Gleises im Bereich Baresa – Massawa zerstört worden. Der Wiederaufbau wurde beschlossen, aber die Ausführung kann sich über viele Monate hinziehen. Die Lage in Asmara ist ruhig, nachdem gestern einige Soldaten mit zwei Panzern das Informationsministerium mit dem Fernsehsender belagert hatten. Schüsse sind nicht gefallen. Wenn Sie dieses Ereignis […]

I got this from Thomas Tedros: The railway line from Massawa up to Baresa is destroyed due to a heavy flood.  There was a heavy rain around Massawa and destroyed many houses. 15 people died as a result and the Rail ways line is washed out. The ER checked the line and confirmed the line […]

Still Alive: Bangladesh’s oldies The class MEG 11 (General Motors 1953 – 1956) is still in use. We saw three different locos so far. They run the daily container train from Dhaka to Chittagong and back. According to the timetable it should leave Dhaka at 11, but today they told us 13.00 hrs. And so […]

Eritrea Railways (2)

Jeremy Browne’s Eritrea report part 2 This is the second part of the Eritrea Trip ( Part 3 to come ). We joined  ten others for a “Pre-trip” which was very interesting. Keren is the second city of Eritrea, about 100km from Asmara and still in the high country. The railway originally went past Keren, […]

Eritrea December 2012

Report by Jeremy Browne from the recent trip to the Eritrean Railways Ever since I read “Far Wheels” back in 1962 I have wanted to visit Eritrea to see the amazing Italian Mountain Railway. Alas, Eritrea has been involved in more than 30 years of war since then and the railway was all but destroyed […]

Hi, guys! Happy New Year 2013! 🙂 As always I have some presents for you, 13 calendars for download here: http://raildata.info/Kalender/2013/index.html   Enjoy! Cheers, Roni   Examples:   Hallo! Fröhliches Jahr 2013! 🙂 Wie immer gibt es ein paar Geschenke, diesmal 13 Kalender, zum Download hier:  http://raildata.info/Kalender/2013/index.html Viel Spaß damit! 🙂 lg, Roni     […]

Wujiu: Discovered in Novbember 2011 (see http://www.farrail-blog.com/englishposts/probably-new-steam-discovery-in-china-wujiu-coal-mine/) it’s already over. Since December 7th, 2012 a diesel loco took over all duties. Sad! Wujiu: Entdeckt im November 2011 (siehe http://www.farrail-blog.com/englishposts/probably-new-steam-discovery-in-china-wujiu-coal-mine/) ist es nun schon wieder vorbei: am 7.12.2012 ging die erste Diesellok in Betrieb und wickelt den Gesamtbetrieb ab. Schade! Bernd