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Hallo!       Der letzte Teil meines Reiseberichts aus Indien, plus eine Galerie mit über 700 hochauflösenden Bildern: Indien 2012 – 14: Thums Up für Ankai Killa! (50 B.) Indien 2012 – 15: Pune – Deccan Queen (50 B.) Indien 2012 – 16: Pune – I have been to Monkey Hill! (50 B.) Indien […]

Update to my web site

Have added galleries featuring King Edward II in blue on the Great Central Railway in March and 1450 and auto-coach on the Severn Valley Railway in April 2013. See the New Galleries section www.dorneyphoto.com   Enjoy

Just got an information from Jun that they held a meeting in Sandaoling. New decision is: Steam at the west end of the pit will be finished in 2015. Not sure yet whether beginning or end of 2015. Eastern side will remain steam with two to three locomotives. The planned line to the new mine […]

March 30th Diaobingshan (formerly Tiefa) stopped the passenger service to Daqing. This was a steam service until then. Since April 1st they run the Donguangtun passengers (two pairs a day) by steam instead. This line is known as “Faku-line”. It’s the scenic line of the system. Seit 30. März ist der Personenverkehr auf der Strecke […]