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Bruno Sanches reports: The Sentinels, formerly in service at the Amsted-Maxion plant in Cruzeiro – São Paulo, have been purchased by the local (Cruzeiro) chapter of Associação Brasileira de Preservação Ferroviária (ABPF). Both were collected from Maxion and transferred to our yard, that is about 800 meters from Maxion on a straigh line. They couldn’t […]

Have a look here, sometimes wonders become true: https://plus.google.com/+EvenFurtherRail/posts/dYUsZyY9qyi The info is from Douglas Brooks who was the lucky one to see steam in action at Olean.

The Sappi Saiccor paper mill near Durban in South Africa finished steam on August 12th, 2015 (not as reported by others at the end of July). The author of a nice article about the last days of steam, Paul Ash, allowed me to set a link to his article, published in the Sunday Times of Johannesburg, […]

Doug Brooks reports from Java today: A quite day at Kanigoro. There was no cane in the yard by lunchtime today so they decided to give 6 some TLC instead. Pic attached. It works “most days” and they thought that it might have something to do by 16:00. Other good news is that it is […]

Purwodadi: Steam is working!

The sugar mill Purwodai is still using steam. Today nos. 15 and 16 are in use. Good news from Kanigoro as well: one loco in steam.

No survivor in Java? Tasik Madu, another loss.

I was told Tasik Madu used the locos IV and VI in July 2015. At least one survivor I thought! Another information from today saying that no. IV is not serviceable any more and No. VI didn’t run in July! In shed were: I, III, V, VI, XIV, 5 and 7. (07.08.2015) Serviceable: I and VI. In use: None. On […]

Steam in Java: almost over

News from Java are discouraging. More mills seem to be lost. Olean: no steam in regular use, at least one loco operational, but tractors and diesels are doing the remaining Jobs. Purwodadi: tractors and diesel, no plan to use steam any more. That means steam is finished in: Pangka Sumberharjo Sragi Purwodadi Olean So far […]

Steam in Java: the end?

Pangka has currently only tractors and diesels in use. They say, they will start one or two steam locos on August 6th. Sragi has no steam loco in use, only tractors and one diesel loco. Sumberharjo: all steam locos cold in the shed, only one diesel and one tractor in use, all lines to the […]