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Just received these alarming news from China: “Now most people is Mine the second generation, they all followed their Father’s Time to the Sandaoling . You know now most Young people already went to new Mine for their working .Miner all getting older in Sandaoling and about 60% people will be retired in 2018.so the […]

Rest-Dampf in Bosnien

Peter Wilhelm war am 2. und 3.10.2017 in Tuzla und Banovići. Im Prinzip gibt es keine Veränderungen zu den Nachrichten von Hans-Georg im Mai. In der Werkstatt Bukinje befanden sich 33-503 (HU), 33-064 (monatliche Wartung) und 33-248 (Reserve). Am 2.10. abends sahen wir in Šikulje 33-504. Die Gleise vom Bahnhof Lukavac zum Bergwerk hatten bereits […]

Real Steam in China

Steam in Sandaoling is still alive. October 5th saw the following locomotives in use: Dongbolizhan (open cast mine locos): JS 6224, 8173, 8190, 8225 Nanzhan locomotives: JS 8053, 8077, 8080, 8089. They don’t expect any change until January 2018. The saga continues!

Laws RR museum in California

  © Text & Photos: James Waite   The background to this museum is that in 1883 the 3ft gauge Carson & Colorado RR was opened between Mound House, in the outskirts of Carson City in northern Nevada, and Keeler, 300 miles away to the south in eastern California.  It was promoted as a feeder […]