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Nach zehn Jahren endlich wieder ein richtiger Dampfzug auf der Staatsbahn: YC 629 fuhr heute nach Pyuntaza. Ten years after the last real steam in Burma we got it, finally: YC 629 went with an authentic train to Pyuntaza.

Before the tour starts: monks blessing our locomotives. The pictures shows the monks in the cab of YD 964, praying for the gods of steam. Bevor die Reise beginnen kann: Mönche weihen unsere Lokomotiven, hier im Führerstand von YD 964 beim Beten für die Götter des Dampfes.

After a message that they extended their use of steam until the winter due to financial problems the end came over night: August 31st, 2016, the last fires were dropped in Fuxin. Diesel locomotives took over everything now. Pingzhuang and Sandaoling are the remaining steam hotspots. Their end will also come soon but not unexpected. […]

The last survivor of daily real steam operation of Indonesia is Purwodadi. They’re still using two locomotives to pull and push the trains over the bridge to the mill. Sometimes diesel locos are involved in this duty, however. Olean is also using steam, but not on a daily basis. ***** Die letzte Mühle, die noch […]

Steam in Fuxin and Pingzhuang

Fuxin is continuing to run steam. They first decided to leave four locos in service to avoid to dismiss too many staff. But then they had financial problems and can’t afford the diesel locos they got from another mine. These locos are in use: SY 1319, 1460, 1378, 1395 (Zhude), 1210, 1818 Pingzhuang has serious […]

Steam in Tuzla 8th July 2016

On a holiday trip in the direction to Mostar, I stayed one day in the Tuzla area. This is, what was happening: Dubrave 33 504 was shunting in the morning (approx. 0730 AM). I asked afterwards for access. It was granted and the gatekeeper took my id as deposit. I stayed approx. 30 min close […]

John Raby was back in Bosnia in May on an industrial heritage tour and what he found confirms that working steam in Bosnia is now normally confined to shunting. At the time of his visit, the Oskova narrow gauge shunt on the Banovici system was also diesel but this was put down to the low demand […]

Thomas Kautzor  reports: May 15-19, 2016 together with Torsten Schneider I visited the U.A.E. and Oman to take photos of trains. Abu Dhabi: Our two-day visit to Abu Dhabi to photograph Etihad Rail went well (= we were not arrested). I had written twice to the railway through their online contact form to ask for permission to […]

Im Mai 2016 gab es eine FarRail Tours Reise zu den ziemlich unbekannten Eisenbahnen im Iran. Anbei eine kleine Auswahl von Fotos. Wir beginnen mit dem nördlichen Abschnitt der Transiranischen Eisenbahn: In May 2016 FarRail Tours managed to run a tour to the nearly unknown railways of Iran. Below are some pictures of the tour. We start […]

Jun & John offer the last and final tour to Fuxin, just days before they’ll receive diesel locomotives. This is what I got: The information seems to come from one (well placed) source – Mr Gu who arranges for groups to visit the stabling point, loco depot and workshop at Fuxin. The reason given is that various outlying coalmines will […]

A coal mine company close to Fuxin will cease its production. They’re using 7 diesel locomotives which will all handed over to Fuxin and eliminate steam in Fuxin. They plan to replace all steam locomotives by the end of June, 2016. By then they want to upgrade the railway line on the top of the […]

Travel report from China (Sandaoling & Fuxin)

I just returned from a trip to China which included visits to Sandaoling and Fuxin. Some of the facts in this report might change in the next weeks due to the fact that I visited the places two weeks after Chinese New Year. Thus some of the operations might not have returned to full scale […]

For the first time on a charter tour to Moldovita we enjoyed brilliant sunshine in the morning. There was no snow, but frost, which made the pictures looking good. We hope for similar weather conditions in October 2016, when we will again charter a train in Moldovita. Das erste Mal, seitdem ich Charterzüge in Moldovita […]

Broad gauge steam in Sri Lanka is quite an experience, but when it comes to authentic looking trains it’s a challenge. Despite all hurdles we managed to get some nice shots from a lovely island with its fantastic people and countryside. Breitspurdampf in Sri Lanka ist eine Erfahrung, aber wenn es authentisch aussehnde Züge sein […]

Sandaoling – End of Steam in 2017

Before I’m able to publish my tour report please find here the latest news from Michael Rhodes: 1. Four locos were working the open cast JS 8081, 8167, 8197 & 8225 2. Two further locos were spare in the workshop and having minor repairs and a boiler washout JS8314 & 8190 3. Working Nanzhan were […]

Baiyin, Gansu, China On November 21st, 2015 the Baiyin Nonferrous Metal Group Co. said farewell to their steam locomotives. This date also marked the day of the last non-tourist steam passenger train service in the world. Am 21.11.2015 sagte die Baiyin Nonferrous Metal Group Co. Lebwohl zu ihren Dampflokomotiven. Dieses Datum markiert damit das endgültige […]

Last week Baiyin received four brand new diesel locomotives. The passenger to Shenbutong is diesel now with the steam loco at the other end of the train to heat the coaches. Curently I’m discussing about steam on December 10th and 11th for our Group. Letzte Woche hat Baiyin vier brandneue Diesellokomotiven erhalten. Die Personenzüge werden […]

James Waite visited Western Australia in Early October 2015. Here’s what he found. The first photo is at what calls itself the East Perth Interstate Terminal which is where the passenger trains from Sydney finish their run. I somehow imagined that this would be a grand affair but in fact it’s something of a sleepy […]

Bruno Sanches reports: The Sentinels, formerly in service at the Amsted-Maxion plant in Cruzeiro – São Paulo, have been purchased by the local (Cruzeiro) chapter of Associação Brasileira de Preservação Ferroviária (ABPF). Both were collected from Maxion and transferred to our yard, that is about 800 meters from Maxion on a straigh line. They couldn’t […]

Have a look here, sometimes wonders become true: https://plus.google.com/+EvenFurtherRail/posts/dYUsZyY9qyi The info is from Douglas Brooks who was the lucky one to see steam in action at Olean.