Bruno Sanches reports:

The Sentinels, formerly in service at the Amsted-Maxion plant in Cruzeiro – São Paulo, have been purchased by the local (Cruzeiro) chapter of Associação Brasileira de Preservação Ferroviária (ABPF).

Both were collected from Maxion and transferred to our yard, that is about 800 meters from Maxion on a straigh line. They couldn’t been moved over the railway tracks because the freight railroad would have never allowed us to do so, so we had to use truck for this.
Unfortunately, Maxion does not allow trucks leaving the company to cross the viaduct that is located right next to it. So we had to go a long way aroung to get to our yard. Weather was very bad and when 166 was almost ready for unloading, then rain set in.
The engine 166 is missing some parts, but we have some of them. For example, if it needs four pistons, we have two. But Maxion called this morning informing us that they found the missing parts. We do not have any plans now, the main objective was to aquire them for preservation. I hope that in 2016 we can start a restoration. We are also considering sending one to ABPF São Paulo chapter, that runs on SPR line (as they were originally bought by SPR).

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Transfer of Sentinel 167 from Maxxion to ABPR Cruzeiro

Transfer of Sentinel 167 from Amsted-Maxion to ABPF Cruzeiro

Transfer of Sentinel  locomotive 166 from Maxxion to ABPR Cruzeiro, August 2015

Transfer of Sentinel locomotive 166 from Amsted-Maxion to ABPF Cruzeiro, August 2015