The TE-TOL Heating Plant is located East of Slovenia’s capital, Ljubljana, in the Moste area of the City, about 50 minutes brisk walk from the main railway station. The plant has a rather distinctive and colourful livery, and it’s chimneys can be seen from quite a distance. The fireless steam locomotive, LBV-04 0-6-0F (Duro Dakovic, Slavonski Brod 657/1965), which is said to operate 24/7, is an interesting locomotive, having the characteristics of a Class 62 tank locomotive, complete with chimney. The operations were basically the same during my three visits. As the locomotive shunts beyond the rastern entrance to the plant, using the connection to the SZ main line as a headshunt, photography was not a problem. Loaded coal wagons are delivered by a SZ diesel, which departs immediately with the rake of empties. The fireless then runs forward onto the SZ connecting line, and reverses back onto the rake of loaded coal wagons. It draws forward  with around 6 wagons, and then reverses on to the line that the wagon tippler is located. Each wagon is then tipped upright, to disgorge it’s contents. The whole unloading process usually occurs every 90 minutes or so, although Sunday was a very quiet day with little activity.
Access to the line is via a well trodden footpath adjacent to the first bus stop on Zaloska Zesta, and leads up to some allotments (vegetable gardens), which the headshunt crosses, as the locomotive faces east, morning photography is best, although I have to say the action in the public area is rather limited. 
At the Northern end of the plant, on the corner of Letaliska Cesta and Kajuhova Ulica,  (SHB 1074) JZ 01-074 2-6-2 (BMAG 7995/1922), stands on the site near Ljubljana Moste freight depot.
Neil Edwards
SZ 661-164 departs with the empties, the heating pipes are on the left and the vegetable gardens on the right
LBV-04 0-6-0F (DD 657/1965) at the steam re-fuelling point on a spur off the headshunt, just
inside of the entrance to the plant.
LBV-04 0-6-0F (DD 657/1965) shunting a short rake of loaded coal wagons

Unloading the wagons using the tippler, after each has been emptied, the locomotive reverses the next wagon into place.

A view through the fence, adjacent to the SZ main line,showing the colourful livery of both the locomotive and the heating plant.

(SHB 1074) JZ 01-074 2-6-2 (BMAG 7995/1922) plinthed at Ljubljana Moste