Kandar is located about 4 hours north of Kolkata (North East India) on the rail route to the North Eastern territories. Absolutely no reason to go there. Except if you are like me on the much delayed night train from the Darjeeling area (date: Jan. 2010). Suddenly the train stops. The conductor almost falls out of the bed which he prepared in the entrance area of the coach. Mobile traders suddenly appear out of the nowhere to sell tasty fresh tea and fresh fruits. Large sacks are unloaded. And people are starring at me: what for the hell is this stranger doing here? Pleading eyes show up through the broken lock of the only so called 1st class compartment on this train. And then you suddenly hear the classic Alco sound in the distance. Out of the usual morning mist a local arrives. More traders, more colors, more people. “Hello Mister! Where are you from?” Some kids try their English. Unfortunately the deep sound of the blowing horn reminds us to leave. Slowly and with lots of noise and smoke the Alco accelerates out of the station and into the mist.

Good bye Kandar. Thank you for allowing me to take a brief look into your life.