The line Jining-Baotou is now electrified, but all passenger service is with DF4DK or DF4B orange color. Freights at least every 10 minutes every direction with SS4 (Baotou depot) or the new AC-engines HXD 10xxx (Bombardier 9600kW TRAXX engines BoBo+BoBo) or HXD 20xxx (made by Alstom, looking like the French freight engines). The red engines are all in Taiyuan bureau, some “Hu” depot. I have no idea what that is.
One engine with 5000 tons freight, two with about 100 coal cars type C80B, 10.000 tons trains ! Consider something like 10 trains per hour in every direction, then you know what is going on. I spent some hours on a bridge just west of the station. Lots and lots of trains! Even some locals were watching there, with their kids.

A new double track line, looking like a high speed line (tunnels, large bridges) is being built more or less parallel to the existing line. A new passenger station for Huhehaote is being built at km 644, and will probably open next year. The existing line has been rebuilt much, with fences and mostly continuously wleded track. Signals in 1200 meters distance. Stations are 1200 meters long or longer. Train speed is up to 90 km/h, not very fast! Nice landscape east of Huhehaote, with mountains, curves, tunnels at km 571, 607, 612-615. At km 643, a new electrified single track line starts towards north-east. A relatively good foto place is at km 648.5, buss number 19 is running parallel to the line from Huhehaote center. But the best photo place is a pedestrain bridge 500 m west of Huhehaote station, at km 653.5.

Locomotives seen here:

SS4 0214, 0565, 0750, 0999, 6001, 7148, 7177, 0882, 0791, 0879, 7106, 0169, 0562, 719x, 6150, 0175, 7183, 6121
HXD1 0030, 0035, 0053, 0071, 0108, 0116, 0160, 0165, 0197 : 8 axles, type Bombardier TRAXX, double engines, 9600 kW, 120 km/h.
All Taiyuan bureau, “Hu” depot.

HXD2 0003, 0016, 0065
DF4B 2631, 2634 both Jining, built 1999.
DF4DK 0523 (Huehhaote), 0550 (Huhehaote with namining in brass, written max speed 145 km/h), 3158, 3167, 3169, 3170, 3171, 3206, 3207, 3209, 3260 all Jining depot