raod construction Qianwei - Bagou (affecting Shibanxi ng line)

raod construction Qianwei - Bagou (affecting Shibanxi ng line) at railway km 3.5

Shibanxi narrow gauge line

Shibanxi narrow gauge line freight train beyond Mifengyan

The rumours about building a road up to Bagou are no rumours any more. They started construction already and want to finish it in March 2011. It was said the new road will not harm the railway operation, even the passenger trains should continue to run. However, the number of passengers in the trains declined already now. Many are using their motor bike and run alongside the railway. The number of passenger coaches was already down to four, sometimes five. There was always at least one tourist coach attached to the train. Even on working days the number of tourists sometimes outranged the number of regular passengers. Only school children might be on the train in large numbers. I assume the number of passengers will collapse after the new road is opened. Freight trains may continue for a while, but for how long?

The line has potential for a tourist operation. But who want to travel that far for a tourist line with box coaches? I would say it’s high noon for those who want to experience the line in its traditional operation pattern with trains which are real.